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Jeff Allen says Kansas City has better overall barbecue scene than Houston

Former KC Chiefs guard Jeff Allen left this offseason for the Texans where he is enjoying an inferior barbecue product in Houston. Jeff talked with Danny and Carrington on 610 Sports this week and there was this important exchange (audio here):

Danny: We know you’re a Texas guy, a Houston guy now but our audience wants to know, you’ll still take Kansas City barbecue over Texas barbecue?

Jeff: Oh man, you put me on the spot, huh?

Danny: This is the toughest question you’re gonna get. It’s not so bad.

Jeff: My favorite barbecue spot is a spot called Killen’s barbecue and it happens to be in Texas. But from an overall standpoint as far as quality of barbecue across the field, I would say Kansas City.

Danny: You could be a politician after football. You just pleased both audiences.

Jeff: Yeah I did, I’m kissing babies.

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