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Are the Chiefs up to something?

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Are the Kansas City Chiefs up to something?

Let’s recap our Wednesday morning so far:

Justin Houston’s contract is restructured to create $6 million more in cap space. The NFLPA report now has the Chiefs cap space at $11 million. They used to have the least in the league; now there are 10 teams with less cap space than the Chiefs.

Third round pick KeiVarae Russell was reportedly cut. This according to NFL Network’s Rand Getlin. The Chiefs have not announced this yet. Read about my shock here.

The Chiefs now have an open roster spot. Dezman Moses was cut last week. Could he be coming back? Are the Chiefs about to make a trade with someone? Is there a free agent they’re signing?

UPDATE: The Chiefs have re-signed Dezman Moses.

It’s also possible that these moves are unrelated. The Chiefs planned to create the cap space anyway as insurance throughout the season and they decided to cut Russell independent of the cap space.

I know I’ll be waiting to see if there is something coming.