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Chiefs get $6M in cap space by re-working Justin Houston’s deal

The Kansas City Chiefs had about $5 million in cap space on Tuesday and now they have $11 million in cap space. What happened? I bet it’s related to this report from our old pal Field Yates.

We could go into the math of how this works but it’s awfully early for that. Basically, they turn a portion of his salary into a bonus which means, for cap purposes, it can then be pro-rated over the life of the contract. Lower cap number yet Houston still gets his money. This does add a little cap space in future years.

The Chiefs now have around $11 million in cap space. Specifically, the NFLPA report has them at $11,170,610. This is plenty of room for the rest of the season. The Chiefs went most of the offseason with either the least amount of cap or just behind the Saints for the least. Now there are 10 teams in the league with less cap space than the Chiefs.

Does this mean they’re about to sign someone? Maybe. Maybe not. (This is why you come to Arrowhead Pride, folks)

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