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Andy Reid's cheeseburger of the week and Ron Parker's big play

I do the majority of the cooking in my household and I like cooking. I also like thinking about football. The chess match of an NFL game is intriguing. So it felt perfect to me to write a weekly article that dissects a couple of plays on offense and defense that Andy Reid would be proud of.

I need to explain the two things we'll highlight here each week: The really good cheeseburger of the week and the sweet and sour pork of the week. Both of these are terms Andy Reid has actually associated with football plays. Andy Reid compared the perfectly designed play call to a "really good cheeseburger" and great defensive plays as "sweet and sour pork."

Yes, he really said that.

Really Good Cheeseburger of the Week

This was the first big play of the Chiefs comeback down 24-3, and it was my favorite play of the entire game. Below is the coaches film for the play.

This is a remarkably designed play that took advantage of a weakness the Chargers had been exhibiting throughout the game, but the Chiefs had not yet taken advantage of it. Look how all of the receivers are on the edge (except for Albert Wilson.)

Wilson is used to force the LB to make a decision while all of the other receivers are clearing out. From the looks of the play it was designed to go to Spencer Ware from the start. The LB bites on Wilson and Ware breaks down the field. Honestly, who expects a truck of a RB to be able to break down the middle of the field for a 45 yard bomb. Fantastic play call by Reid. The play call also works because it appears Manti Te'o was spying on Alex Smith and it wasn't his responsibility to cover anyone. This is a subtle way Alex Smith can hurt defenses with his running ability that never shows up on a stat sheet.

Sweet and Sour Pork of the Week

This was the biggest defensive play of the game. Ron Parker's pass deflection kept the Chiefs in the game. At this point in time probably no one knew how big of a play it would end up being, but kudos to Ron Parker and the rest of the defense for not giving in regardless of the score.

Food Fight!

We'll end every week with a food fight. I'll pick two foods and we decide which one is best.

Today: Burnt Ends vs. Pulled Pork.

Since it's week one we have to stick with BBQ. I prefer pulled pork. Put some spicy BBQ sauce on it and it's phenomenal.

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