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Chiefs’ Andy Reid: Last year showed us nothing is impossible

Andy Reid is one of those guys who was born as a leader. We may not see all the behind the scenes but the way people fight for him, the way former players stay connected and the way his staff follows him ... this guy just has it, whatever it is.

I think to the Chiefs players who wanted to make a demonstration before the game. Andy Reid put it in their hands. He knew this was an issue that the team leadership had to decide for themselves, good or bad.

I also think of this answer in Andy Reid’s press conference after the Chargers game on Sunday where they came back from 21 down.

“Listen, I think you’re saying this win and the way we kind of went about it, I think it’s character,” Reid said via quotes from the Chiefs (I was busy waiting on Marcus Peters while Reid was talking). “We have enough guys that are part of last year’s team that understand that nothing’s impossible, I guess. So, then you have an influx of these new players, so they’ve got to learn, and it took a good half to figure it out. They’ll know now – right? They didn’t experience last year, so they’ll understand it now. You got a full team that has that feeling.”

If the Chiefs truly don’t believe they’re out of it in a game as lopsided as Sunday’s, this team could be special. Ten points will seem like nothing next week. (Hey Chiefs, don’t get down 10 points next week)

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