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Chargers-Chiefs final score: Alex Smith, Spencer Ware lead KC record comeback, 33-27

Do you believe in miracles? YES!

The Kansas City Chiefs did it. They actually did it. They came back from 21 points to beat the San Diego Chargers in overtime, 33-27. The game ended on ALEX SMITH diving in for the score. The Chiefs were dead in the water but somehow came back and won.

I can’t believe I’m writing this....

Final stats are here.

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The Chiefs record books

The Chiefs biggest comeback EVER. They were down 24-3 and came back to win. That is the largest comeback in Chiefs franchise history. The other one was down 18 against the Saints in 2012 (the game where Jamaal went crazy).

Alex Smith

He was bad in the first half. He was much better in the second half outside of one interception (which was really an awesome play by the Chargers’ Jason Verrett). This was not one of those games where Alex looked like a star but the numbers say he had a very good game. 30-of-43 passing for 321 yards and two touchdowns.

What a way for him to recover from a bad first half to come in with the game winning diving touchdown. Wow.

Jeremy Maclin

He left the game undergoing a concussion evaluation due to a big hit he took late in the game (he came back). But that big hit? That came on a play that put the Chiefs in the red zone with under two minutes to play. It was a MONSTER catch by a big time player. You pay Maclin $55 million to make that catch despite the hit coming. Additionally, Maclin had a great catch on a great throw from Alex for a touchdown in the Chiefs comeback.

Andy Reid

The Chiefs head coach knows he has a veteran team that doesn’t panic when down 21 in their own house. He talked about last year’s slow start being a learning experience. He talked about the adversity being something that would help this team.

And he was right. The Chiefs are a veteran team with a veteran coach who can’t be counted out. Last year wasn’t a mirage. Big Red is the real deal.

Travis Kelce

He had 74 yards receiving which was a good game. It was his final two catches that land him here. Kelce made a solid catch on third and three to keep the Chiefs final overtime drive alive. And then he went beast mode with an “I’m bigger than you so I’m going to take this one” over the Chargers CB for another first down.


Andy Reid

It’s my blog so I can put him under the losers category too. Andy Reid almost gave us a classic Andy Reid game where he overthinks it or something. I don’t know what happens but sometimes he has a stinker. This was very reminiscent of the Titans home opener in 2014. Just completely unprepared. That was the Chiefs in the first half. Thank goodness they play two halves.

Chiefs defense

OK, we’re all sappy around here right now but the Chiefs defense was not very good in the first half and a good part of the second half. They were a big problem. Then somehow, someway they came back. They started forcing stops. They don’t have the turnovers or the sacks to prove it but they toughened up in the second half to keep forcing punts. Big picture though? I’m still concerned about this defense.

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