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The Chargers-Chiefs recap I was going to write before the Chiefs came back

This is the recap post I was preparing in the second half of Sunday’s Chargers-Chiefs game. I was so sure that the Chiefs were going to lose that I wrote the recap early. And then ... they didn’t lose. They came back and won incredibly.

Here’s the recap post I was going to write today. Please laugh at me in the comments.


Andy Reid

This one is on you, Big Red. You will be the first to take the blame for this one and you’re not wrong. This happened two years ago against the Titans. The Chiefs came out and looked completely unprepared in that season opener. They got up big in the opener in Houston last year and had a mini-collapse in the second half but kept the lead and got the win.

This year was worse. It was worse than some of Reid’s worst losses in Kansas City. They had no answer for Philip Rivers. Alex Smith looked bad for half the game. That defense, ugh.

What was that? I mean, seriously. What was that out there? I’m more confused than anything.

Bob Sutton and the Chiefs defense

I’m not sure we can single one person out so let’s go down the list:

This one is on Bob Sutton because it’s his defense. This isn’t like the offensive coordinator in Kansas City where you know Reid is really running it. This one is on Sutton.

The Chiefs defensive line. Remember when we thought they were an elite group? Their run fits were bad. Melvin Gordon was a laughingstock last year and he put up two first half rushing touchdowns against this team. Danny Woodhead lit them up. Again, I am confused.

Marcus Peters. He is supposed to be the Chiefs No. 1 corner. He had a pass interference in the end zone on one touchdown drive. He had a facemask on Keenan Allen on another. He was lit up and appeared to let his emotions get the best of him against Keenan Allen. Not good.

Third down defense. I don’t even want to talk about this one.

Alex Smith

Alex was bad in the first half. I’ll give it to him that he did improve in the second half - great back shoulder pass to Maclin for the touchdown - when it was a little too late. I don’t know if the Chargers secondary was playing at an incredible level and keeping everyone covered forcing Alex into coverage sacks ... or if Alex was just holding onto the ball too long. Whatever it was, the Chiefs can’t win when he plays like that. We’ve seen that Alex before. The one that is hesitant, that doesn’t stretch the field and that doesn’t run the ball. Indecisive Alex.


Spencer Ware

The one positive from the game? Nearly 200 yards of offense. A 28-yard and 45-yard catch. It was a decent day for Ware.

Justin Houston

The Chiefs pass rush was ... well, they were there? I think? This game really showed the value of Justin Houston and what he brings to the Chiefs defense as a pass rusher. Without a pass rush, the Chiefs are very, very ordinary on defense, especially without Sean Smith. We knew this but we were hoping they could maintain until Houston returns sometime in November.

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