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Here is every Chiefs sack of Philip Rivers in the Andy Reid era

Reddit user DogBitesMoth has done some important work and created a series of clips of the Kansas City Chiefs sacking Chargers QB Philip Rivers in honor of it being game week.

The clips included every sack on Philip Rivers in the Andy Reid era. Enjoy.

  1. S Eric Berry blitz off the edge.
  2. LB James-Michael Johnson up the middle.
  3. LB Frank Zombo catches him stepping up in the pocket.
  4. NT Jerrell Powe subbing in for Poe.
  5. LB Justin Houston obliterated his guy.
  6. LB Tamba Hali’s Tambahawk forced fumble.
  7. LB Dee Ford / Josh Mauga and others with pressure.
  8. LB Justin Houston and two others got there.
  9. LB Justin Houston from behind.
  10. LB Justin Houston forced fumble.
  11. NT Dontari Poe ate Rivers alive.
  12. DE Allen Bailey got there before Houston.
  13. LB Justin Houston chases him down (22nd sack of the season).
  14. LB Josh Mauga right up the bat.
  15. LB Tamba Hali gets a sack in the first minute of the game.
  16. LB Tamba Hali still has some speed.
  17. S Ron Parker on the blitz.
  18. LB Dee Ford with the speed.
  19. LB Dee Ford unblocked off the edge.
  20. DE Jaye Howard swallowed the lineman and digested him later.
  21. LB Dee Ford around the edge and back around.

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