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Marcus Peters on Colin Kaepernick: I salute him, he’s standing up for a great cause

The second Kansas City Chiefs team leader has weighed in on Colin Kaepernick and his protest that is gaining attention around the league and the country. Alex Smith said that the flag means one thing to him and another thing to Kaepernick and that’s OK. Now Chiefs CB Marcus Peters has weighed in saying he supports Kaepernick.

“It’s big,” Peters said. “It’s real big what they’re doing. I salute Colin for what he’s doing. He’s standing up for a great cause.”

It doesn’t sound like Peters is going to demonstrate himself but he made it clear as day that he supports Kap and what he’s doing.

I’m 100 percent behind him. I feel that what was going on in law enforcement, it does need to change. It does need to change for all, equal opportunities for everybody, not just us as black Americans. I feel that over the past year it’s been displayed what’s been going on across America and over across the world. Just on my piece, I don’t think nothing’s being done about it.”

“It’s hard for us as we have influences on the world and all these fans around the world, once we come out like Colin did, it becomes a big huge thing like he’s disrespecting the flag. He didn’t say none of that. He spoke up about something that he felt he needed to speak up about. I salute him for that. I’m going to back him up.”

Clearly Peters is a thoughtful guy and clearly football players can have a big impact. These are interesting times.

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