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Will the Chiefs trade Nick Foles? Here’s why I doubt they will

I didn’t think about the Kansas City Chiefs trying to flip Nick Foles for draft picks because he signed just a few weeks ago. Usually backups available in August aren’t very valuable.

And then the Cowboys lost Tony Romo for half the season and the incredibly unfortunately season-ending injury to the Vikings’ Teddy Bridgewater hit.

So, Albert Breer wonders in MMQB: Is Nick Foles available?

Let’s put this up front: I have no idea if the Chiefs would be willing to trade him. No inside info here. I can still speculate though...

I would doubt that Foles is available. Well, let me clarify. If someone comes in here offering a second round pick then hell yeah. Make that trade! I just don’t think that will happen.

Neither Dallas nor Minnesota is a long-term spot for Foles as they have starting quarterbacks in place. So they’re probably not going to give up a high draft pick to make it worth it.

Speaking of those draft picks, the Chiefs are going to have a lot of them next year. They’ll have their usual seven picks but also up to four more compensatory picks. Some team giving up a sixth round pick for Foles isn’t very attractive to me in that context.

The biggest thing here and the context in which you need to view this is that the Chiefs truly believe they can make a run this year. Chiefs GM John Dorsey was practically screaming that from the way he conducted this offseason bringing the band back together. This means that if Alex goes down for a month, they need someone who can win games because they’ll be in a playoff race. When you look at it that way, Foles is the superior option and has more value to this Chiefs team than a late round pick.

So, yeah, I doubt the Chiefs are trading Foles. (Now that I’ve taken a stand, you can expect the Chiefs to trade Nick Foles)

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