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Chiefs say Nick Foles will take time, but will he be ready for first preseason game?

I wasn’t up at Kansas City Chiefs training camp practice on Friday when Nick Foles took the field for the first time so I had to settle for seeing him for the first time on Saturday.

He shared second team reps with Tyler Bray but it was Bray who looked like the better quarterback on Saturday. The Chiefs coaches talk all the time about the volume of plays they have so I’m not surprised the guy who has been here the past three years had the better day than the guy who had been here for two days.

“It’ll take some time,” Chiefs OC Matt Nagy said of Foles. “It’s not something that’s going to happen in the next week. He’s trying to learn protections, the verbiage that we have and then like you said the timing for the receivers. All that takes a little bit of time. As long as we all stay patient and don’t get frustrated, which I know we’ll do and he’ll do, we’ll be OK.”

Foles was in Philly with a lot of these coaches back in 2012 so the Chiefs are trying to give him stuff he knows while he learns the playbook, which he’s doing by getting up early and staying up late.

“You have to understand he’s been through a couple of different offenses since we had him in Philadelphia,” Nagy said, “so the verbiage is a little different, but he’s grinding that playbook and he’s giving it every opportunity so when he does get his shot he’s ready.”

The Chiefs play a preseason game in less than a week. Will Foles play? The Chiefs haven’t tipped their hand either way. It certainly seems possible that he could get a series in considering he was already sharing second team reps but Andy Reid hasn’t weighed in yet.

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