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Chiefs say Nick Foles reminds them of Tyler Bray

Do you see some Tyler Bray in Nick Foles? Maybe you should because a couple of Kansas City Chiefs say they do.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid was asked what makes Foles a good fit for his system.

“I’m going off his rookie year when he was in this offense,” Reid said. “He handled it very well and he has good feet -- very similar to Tyler Bray. He also has a good arm and he’s smart. That’s a pretty good combination when you put it all together.”

Huh. Reid wasn’t the only one to say Foles compares to Bray. Jeremy Maclin, who played with Foles in Philly, was asked if Foles throws a catchable ball.

“I think he’s a big arm quarterback,” Maclin said. “He kind of reminds me of Tyler Bray. Him and Bray are kind of similar in their style, and the way they throw the football.”

They’re both listed at 6’6 while Foles is listed at 243 pounds and Bray at 215 pounds. I’m not sure how up to date those are but I did not realize Foles was that big. He probably has a pretty powerful throw.

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