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Chiefs cap space down to $142k after Nick Foles deal

One more reminder that none of us knows how the salary cap works and you can manipulate the hell out of it.

The Kansas City Chiefs had $432k in cap space before they signed Nick Foles. The contract given to Foles was reportedly for $1.75 million this year although I don’t know the exact structure of how that’s paid out.

Somehow after all that, after Foles signed and after Alameda Ta’amu was cut, the Chiefs now have $142k in cap space, according to the NFLPA. That is still the least amount in the league.

The Chiefs are clearly looking at this year as a chance to make a real run at a Super Bowl. They took that approach in the offseason by re-signing key vets like Tamba Hali and Derrick Johnson and again with the signing of Nick Foles. They’re also taking that approach by spending (almost) every dollar in cap space that they have.

I believe the Chiefs will make some sort of move to create more space before the season. I don’t believe they will go into the season with just $142k in cap space. Clearly, though, I have no idea how the cap works.

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