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How long can the Chiefs carry five quarterbacks?

Nick Foles is practicing on Friday and the Kansas City Chiefs have yet to make a roster move regarding the other quarterbacks on the roster. That means the Chiefs will practice today with FIVE quarterbacks.

How long can the Chiefs carry five quarterbacks on the roster?

There’s no rule that says they can’t carry five the rest of camp or even into the regular season. But Andy Reid and the Chiefs won’t carry five quarterbacks in the regular season. Historically Reid hasn’t even carried four quarterbacks during the season.

There’s also the issue of reps. There are only so many to go around in camp. Five quarterbacks means everyone gets fewer reps. Do I want to sacrifice reps to determine my third quarterback who won’t play this year? Umm, maybe not.

In the past the Chiefs have gotten lucky with a quarterback getting an injury in preseason and allowing them to put him on IR and stash him for the season. Tyler Bray is an example of that. So who gets hurt? Who sprains their ankle and lands on IR? Who breaks their pinky finger leading to an extended absence? We can’t dismiss this possibility.

There are a few notable dates coming up. August 13 is the first preseason game against the Seahawks. The Chiefs could decide to do something before then. The last day of camp in St. Joe is August 18 but I’m not sure there’s a lot of significance to that. Roster cut downs will come after the final preseason game on September 1, which is absolutely significant.

One reason we could be waiting? Perhaps Big Red is working the trade market.

I’m not sure WHO gets cut but I’m pretty sure that someone will. If not this week, then this month.

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