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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 8/5

Happy Friday! Here is today's Kansas City Chiefs news. Enjoy!

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What's Happening at Chiefs Camp This Weekend? from

Saturday is "American Family" Fun Day at Chiefs camp.

If you're looking for a day to bring out the kids, there's no better opportunity than "American Family" Fun Day. Kids can get their faces painted in the "Kids Zone" section or get their picture taken with K.C. Wolf, Warpaint or a Chiefs cheerleader.

There's no shortage of things to do on Family Fun Day, and this will also be a day that the entire team signs autographs after practice.

What signing Nick Foles says about the Chiefs' ambitions — and their future from The Kansas City Star

The NFL is so drastically tilted toward quarterbacks that the backup is more important than many others on the roster who play regularly. Alex Smith has made at least 15 starts in each of his three seasons in Kansas City, but had a long injury history in San Francisco.

It would've been the Chiefs' luck for him to be durable while they had Chase Daniel as the backup, and then suffer a major injury with Tyler Bray as the No. 2.

The Chiefs have not been thrilled by the progress of Bray or Aaron Murray, and the signing of Foles is the clearest proof.

They may have been able to get through a game or two with Bray, who throws the deep ball particularly well, but Foles gives them more confidence and many more options to win games if Smith goes down.

Brazilian athletes in KC set to watch Olympics with fingers crossed from The Kansas City Star

In Kansas City, professional athletes from Brazil — the Chiefs, Royals and Sporting KC are represented — await the Olympics with unease.

"It does bother me because I think we disappointed a lot of people (with) the way that we organized it," said Paulo Nagamura, a Sporting KC midfielder since 2011. "I'm just saying that based on the things we see in the media."

Nagamura, Santos and Royals outfielder Paulo Orlando are from Sao Paulo, Brazil's largest city, some 270 miles west of Rio. Santos spent three weeks in Brazil before training camp began and heard daily about the problems.

Some thoughts on Tyrann Mathieu's deal, and how it relates to Chiefs safety Eric Berry from The Kansas City Star

2. If I was Berry, I could make every argument in the world that I should receive a deal at least equal or slightly greater than that. Mathieu is much younger — 24 compared to Berry's 28 — but by the measures that matter, Berry has a stronger track record. More Pro Bowls ( four compared to one) and more AP all-pro teams (two compared to one).

3. That said, if I were him — and I took a deal less than what Mathieu eventually ended up getting — I'd be upset. Period. I don't think the Chiefs were offering anything close to what Mathieu received, so that said, I think Berry and his agent, Chad Speck, probably made the right move rejecting whatever was offered.

With Nick Foles signed, we'll find out what Chiefs really think of Alex Smith from ESPN

None of the Chiefs' other quarterbacks in that time, a group that includes Chase Daniel, Tyler Bray, Aaron Murray, Kevin Hogan and Ricky Stanzi, had ever started an NFL game when he joined the Chiefs. None was drafted above the fifth round, and Daniel and Bray weren't drafted at all.

The Chiefs have sniffed around other quarterbacks. They were poised this year to draft Paxton Lynch in the first round, but the Denver Broncos got to him before they could.

The first quarterback they acquired who breaks that mold is Nick Foles, who the chiefs signed on Thursday.

Chiefs Tight End Travis Kelce Raps 50 Cent and Talks "Big Booty Women" With DJ Whoo Kid from Complex

Afterward, and possibly to the chagrin of his PR rep, he was talked about his love for "big booty women." Kelce was able to muster up in response, "I like a nice looking hiney."

How the Hunt Brothers Cornered the Silver Market and Then Lost it All from Priceonomics

Whatever their foibles, the Hunts make for an interesting cast of characters. Evidently CBSthought so; the family is rumored to be the basis for the Ewings, the fictional Texas oil dynasty of Dallas fame.

Sitting at the top of the family tree was H.L. Hunt, a man who allegedly purchased his first oil field with poker winnings and made a fortune drilling in east Texas. H.L. was a well-known oddball to boot, and his sons inherited many of their father's quirks.

For one, there was the stinginess. Despite being the richest man on earth in the 1960s, Bunker Hunt (who went by his middle name), along with his younger brothers Herbert (first name William) and Lamar, cultivated an image as unpretentious good old boys.

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