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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 8/4

So... that happened. welcome to The Kansas City Chiefs, Mr. Foles. In other news, the cookies on my computer must have been cleared. The Star's site needs my log in and that info isn't with me. sorry about that, KC Star folks. I'll get it fixed for tomorrow. Here's the rest of today's Kansas city Chiefs news. Enjoy!

Al Bello/Getty Images

Kansas City Chiefs Injury Updates and Wednesday Practice Review from

10-10-10 practices are designed to be less strenuous than padded practices and give the first, second and third teams each 10 reps per drill.

"It was all execution," Reid added. "I always like to give an extra shout out to our scout team for giving the looks we need, so our offense can execute their plays. It's an opportunity for us to look at things that our defense and offense doesn't run, but we'll see during the season from other teams."

Opponents' schemes vary across the league, so the scout team gives the Chiefs an chance to see defenses other than their own.

What We Learned From Wednesday's Media Availability from


Q: Did you approach this any differently this year coming in as the number one guy opposed to what was going on last year?

PETERS: "No, not at all. I just have to step up with my leadership role. Last year, I came in with me just having to learn to become a leader and learn to become a part of this team. It's still the same."

Q: How does a receiver like Jeremy Maclin prepare you and make you better?

PETERS: "He's a superstar. He's a top guy in this league. So, when we go out here and practice against him every day it helps me get better a lot. I'm trying to get to that point where I can become that perfect defensive player in the league. Until then, I'll continue to work with him and get better."

What Unique Talent Did RB Darrin Reaves Pick Up to Prepare For Season? from

It is a sport that could be considered one of the most difficult, as it focuses on flexibility, strength, precision and body control.

No, we're not talking about football. We're talking about ballet, and one Kansas City Chiefs player used it this offseason to improve his game.

Darrin Reaves, the 5-foot-10, 209-pound running back who spent last year on the practice squad, was dressed in full game-day uniform when he recently walked into "Alabama Ballet," a premier dance company in Birmingham that's been around for more than three decades.

Marcus Peters Impressed with Young Playmaker Tyreek Hill from

When Peters was asked about how he's planning on following up such an impressive season, he used the same phrase he did a year ago when asked a similar question.

"Don't talk about it. Be about it," he said.

Even throughout his amazing rookie year, Peters consistently said that he'll never feel like he's earned his respect until his career is over. That's his humility manifesting itself to his teammates and to those he competes against on Sundays in the fall, and he had a message for the next young playmaker on how to do the same.

"Stay hungry," Peters said was his message to Hill. "When the lights turn on, you get to have a lot more fun. [Hill] is a real energetic person. He likes to dance and do all those things. So, just telling him to stay hungry and his time will come."

Chiefs sign quarterback Nick Foles from Chiefs Digest

The Chiefs currently carry the maximum of 90 players on the roster. A player must be placed on injured reserve or released in order to accommodate Foles.

The team will also need to make a salary cap roster move to free up space for the quarterback. The team had just $432,795 in salary cap space available on Wednesday, according to the NFLPA.

Foles requires an annual salary of at $760,000 as a fifth-year veteran. His contract with the Rams was due to pay him $1 million in 2016. The Rams already paid Foles a $6 million roster bonus before the NFL draft.

There's much to like about Chiefs' signing of QB Nick Foles from ESPN

But the chance that Foles could instead be the eventual replacement for Smith is significant enough that the situation makes far too much sense.

Look at it from Foles' perspective. Why else would he have come to Kansas City?

He gets the chance to play again for Reid, the coach who got his pro career started. Reid coached Foles for one season in Philadelphia before he moved on to the Chiefs. Reid also has a well-deserved reputation for helping quarterbacks resurrect their careers.

Tyreek Hill's athleticism dazzles Chiefs from Chiefs Digest

Perhaps no Chiefs player has garnered more attention since draft day than Hill. Fans and reporters may continue to ask questions stemming from his guilty plea to a domestic abuse charge in August 2015, but Hill's play is putting to rest any doubts about his talent and abilities.

On the field, Hill has been the star of camp, using his speed to make dazzling plays and displaying good catching skills along with an acrobatic leaping ability to pull down passes in bounds. Rookies can be infamous for showing flashes of brilliance, but Hill often turns in one show-stopper play after another at practice.

Marcus Peters is latest to rave about Tyreek Hill's speed from ESPN

Hill reportedly ran a 4.24-second 40 as he was preparing for the draft. He was the fastest player on the field for most, if not all, of his college games and things haven't changed much in that regard now that he's with the Chiefs.

"I'm a track guy," Hill said. "There are some differences. Every day is competitive. I'm out here and some days I get locked up and [nobody] sees that."

Marcus Peters is serious about his craft, even in practice from ESPN

Even a football veteran like Andy Reid appreciates what he sees daily from Peters, and not just because Peters plays for his team.

"He had a play (recently) where we had him dead in the water," Reid said. "He read the coverage, read the throw and then just peeled off on the guy he was covering deep and came back and made a play on it.

"Not a lot of guys in this league can do that. They don't have the instinct and skill to do that."

With Justin Houston, Tamba Hali out, Chiefs need more than strong camp from Dee Ford from ESPN

"He's like most of our guys," defensive coordinator Bob Sutton said. "He has to keep playing very well for us and keep improving. I thought he had a really good offseason in (practice).

"I've answered the same way to Dee. It's about being consistent. He's done a great job. He had some great get offs out there (in practice), maybe close to offside a couple times. He's working really hard and obviously with Justin being injured, that's really a key guy for us and we need him to step forward."

Ford indicated the big change he's made this year is to back off in his weight lifting, saying he feels that move will help him play with more energy.

Kansas City Chiefs sign Nick Foles to be their backup QB from SB Nation

His play was lacking enough to convince the Rams that he was not the long-term option at quarterback, prompting them to trade several high picks for the right to draft Goff. The Rams initially claimed there would be a quarterback battle, but Foles wanted no part of whatever they were offering and thought he'd do better elsewhere.

As a member of the Chiefs, Foles will be the backup to the entrenched Alex Smith. NFL Media's Ian Rapoport reports Foles also fielded offers from the Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys.

Chiefs agree to terms with former Rams QB Nick Foles from

The Chiefs do have a pair of promising young arms in Tyler Brayand 2014 fifth-round pick Aaron Murray. When Chase Daniel followed offensive coordinator Doug Pederson to the Eagles, though, Reid was left without an experienced option behind starter Alex Smith. Neither Bray nor Murray has ever thrown a pass in an NFL regular-season contest.

Chiefs' Tyreek Hill earning praise for speed, work ethic from The St Joseph News-Press

Hill was a fifth-round pick this offseason, though he faced problems in Stillwater, Okla. He was arrested and dismissed from Oklahoma State on complaints he assaulted his girlfriend. He later pleaded guilty to domestic abuse by strangulation.

He owned up to his fault and mistakes following the draft. He also insisted he was on his way to becoming a better man and citizen after the situation.

The soft-spoken 22-year-old from Pearson, Ga., has remained focused on football. His work ethic and style of play are quickly winning over teammates, coaches and fans - even those who questioned him at first.

Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill eager to shed character questions from The Associated Press via The Columbia Missourian

The Kansas City Chiefs' rookie will never escape the sordid details of his past, but he's here now and ready to earn a spot on the roster...

...The Chiefs selected Hill in the fifth round of the draft. A year ago, Hill had pleaded guilty to abusing and strangling his girlfriend and was kicked off the Oklahoma State football team over the 2014 incident. He spent last season at West Alabama, where he juggled school and football with counseling sessions and other court-mandated service work. His probation isn't scheduled to end until 2018.

The Chiefs faced some backlash from fans over the pick. For his part, Hill insists interactions with fans so far have remained cordial.

Chiefs Look Forward To Off Day from Ozarks First

"I go hang out with my son. I go relax. I go get away from football for a day, kind of let my body simmer down. When we come back Friday we come back to full go. Just go back so I can get my balance back," said Marcus Peters.

Former Pro-Bowl athlete Thomas Q. Jones is crystal clear about the recent lack of justice from The Undefeated

"I would like to think there's hope. But the only way things are going to change is when people acknowledge what's real — and not what we hope. There have always been big race issues in America, from day one, with slavery. There are huge race issues now in America. Because you have a black president doesn't change the DNA of the country."

Chiefs Red Friday flag revealed from KCTV5

It's about a month away from Kansas City Chiefs Red Friday and part of the Red Friday celebrations include a special McDonald's flag.

The Red Friday flag was unveiled Tuesday in St. Joseph, where the team is in full training camp mode.

Each year the flags go very quickly.

Travis Kelce Makes Us Weak in the Knees With His Good Looks & Charm in Catching Kelce First Look: Watch Nowfrom E! Online

"When I'm off the field I'm still in the spotlight," Travis explains in the first look above. "I need a woman that will fit in to all aspects of my life, that can get along with my teammates and their wives."

On the upcoming series, we'll see Travis travel to Los Angeles, meet the ladies and start going on dates! He even shows off his dancing skills!

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