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After Nick Foles, what will Chiefs QB depth chart look like?

So what happens to the Kansas City Chiefs depth chart now that they’ve reportedly signed QB Nick Foles? The Chiefs now have five quarterbacks on the roster and there are no obvious answers on who stays and who goes beyond Alex Smith and Nick Foles.

Andy Reid has historically kept three quarterbacks so I would guess they’ll do the same this year but maybe not.

(Update: Contract details are in)

Here’s how I would rank the quarterbacks on the roster, from most likely to make the team to the most in danger.

Alex Smith: He might start. Maybe. He has missed just one game due to injury since he’s been in KC. That could change at any time. Alex’s own career (pre-Harbaugh) suggests that will change.

Nick Foles: You don’t sign him to cut him in a week so he’s your experienced No. 2 behind Alex Smith going into the season. He’s your Chase Daniel, basically (but with more regular season experience). It’s reportedly a one-year deal.

Kevin Hogan: The Chiefs drafted him in the fifth round this year. They have said positive things about him. I’m not sure he would stick on the practice squad. So I have him making it. You don’t draft this guy in the fifth and cut him three months after. I believe he’s safer than Bray and Murray.

Tyler Bray: He has consistently been the No. 2 this offseason. I’m not sure if that means the Chiefs like him more than Murray or if they just wanted to see more out of him. He is a big dude with a strong arm but doesn’t have the same athleticism as Alex, Foles or Murray. If you’re looking to trade someone, I would guess that another coach would see Bray’s physical skills and think he can make it work

Aaron Murray: I like Murray but where does he fit? Is he beating out Hogan or Bray? Numbers game might bite him. He might be a safer pick than Bray but as noted above Bray might be

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