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Another former Chiefs safety signing with the Panthers

Former Kansas City Chiefs safety signs with the Carolina Panthers ... that’s familiar. Kurt Coleman did that a couple years ago and now Stevie Brown is doing it.

The Chiefs cut Brown last week and it’s being reported now that the Panthers have signed him. I’m not sure of the details. At the time of his release Andy Reid indicated that they were cutting Brown early so that he could catch on elsewhere.

It was three years ago when Coleman started what is now a tradition of a safety having a good year in Kansas City and signing a deal elsewhere. He recently re-upped in Carolina to the tune of $17 million over three years. Brown is probably hoping to follow the same path as Coleman, although Coleman actually played in games that mattered with the Chiefs. Brown didn’t.

This shows some of the Chiefs depth. He was released before the cut downs really heated up. There will be more Chiefs cuts signing with other teams this year.

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