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Chiefs explain why Tyreek Hill took returns over Knile Davis

Tyreek Hill has four kick returns and four punt returns in three preseason games with the Kansas City Chiefs. His speed and his ability to cut is “not normal” according to Chiefs special teams coach Dave Toub, who says Tyreek is getting close to breaking one.

“He’s close,” Toub said. “He’s getting closer. He really does a good job when he hits the edge. You can see that he changes everybody’s angles when he hits that corner. It’s just a matter of time before we get him a really big one.”

The Chiefs went with Tyreek over Knile Davis at kick returner to open Saturday’s game in Chicago. Why was that? Toub said the Chiefs had a counter return designed for Tyreek in order to utilize his speed.

“We started one way and tried to bounce outside the other. The Bears did a good job of reading it and staying wide – probably anticipating, maybe, that he’d be in there and possibly run a counter. So, they did a good job there and stopped it.”

With Tyreek’s speed, special teams units around the league are going to know who he is pretty quickly. That’s a good thing because it can be beneficial if someone grabs all the attention, as Toub learned with Devin Hester a few years ago.

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