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Chiefs balance not giving away too much in preseason

The Kansas City Chiefs starting offense is probably mostly (probably mostly?) done this preseason. Andy Reid could throw them in for a series on Thursday against the Packers but I would be surprised considering they looked pretty good so far.

The thing about the preseason is that you’re running a lot of preseason stuff — vanilla plays. The Chiefs don’t want to give their entire offense away. Chiefs OC Matt Nagy said that Andy Reid is good at evolving his offense which means there are new things to practice in game settings.

So how do the Chiefs balance between practicing their actual offense while not wanting to give away too much to future opponents?

“There’s a good mix,” Chiefs OC Matt Nagy said. “Obviously, most teams in the league aren’t going to come out and show everything they’re going to do in week one, week two or week three. But at the same time you’re going to need to be able to challenge your guys and see what you’re putting in – installing in the preseason. Can they comprehend that? Can they transfer that to the field? So you do hold back a little bit. But at the same time, you need to be able to test them and see what they can take.”

Thursday’s game will be very vanilla because many of the players in the game won’t be on the 53-man roster. The Chiefs home opener can’t get here soon enough.

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