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After Eric Fisher contract, Chiefs still have fewest cap space in NFL

The Eric Fisher contract details are in, courtesy of Terez Paylor at the Kansas City Star. Go read Terez’s full breakdown with all the specifics on the numbers.

A few of my thoughts below:

The Chiefs only gained about $200,000 in salary cap space which puts them at $432,000 in cap space. The least in the NFL. The Jets are next closest at $1.5 million. That’s not enough. They will likely need to create more before the season starts.

Fisher’s cap number dropped next year from $11.9 million to $9.45 million. So your theories that the Chiefs did this deal to create cap room next year in order to sign Eric Berry and / or Dontari Poe? Nope. I’m not sure if this means anything for Berry or Poe specifically but it’s harder to see how the Chiefs can keep both of them when you’re locked into another big contract.

The first “get out” year is likely 2019. Terez reports a large portion of his 2018 season is guaranteed while the Chiefs will have a decision to make early in 2019 on his future.

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