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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 8/3

Good morning! Before we kick off today's Kansas City Chiefs news, I'd like to draw attention to a tweet by former Chief, Husain Abdullah. His sister is competing in the Rio Olympics in fencing, and is a finalist for carrying the American flag during the opening ceremony. Here is a link to the site so you can vote for Ibtihaj Muhammad, if you choose. Now to the news...

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Five Observations from Tuesday's Practice from

3. Aaron Murray was the lone quarterback to convert his situational opportunity into a touchdown.

The Chiefs coaching staff ran an interesting situational period on Tuesday, which saw each quarterback having an opportunity to start from his own 10-yard line with 7 minutes and 51 seconds on the clock.

Murray converted his drive for a touchdown.

There are no official stats handed out at training camp, but the final play was a beautifully thrown pass that looked to travel around 35 yards in the air to Robinson in the back left corner of the end zone.

What We Learned From Tuesday's Media Availability from

Q: How often are we going to see De'Anthony Thomas this year on punt return?

TOUB: "You're going to see him a lot, especially in the preseason. You know, we want to feature all of our guys as much as we can. Hopefully, we get a lot of punt returns in the games."

Q: As far as [Tyreek] Hill, are you looking at him for punt returns and kick returns?

TOUB: "Kickoffs and punts."

Dee Ford Views Training Camp As His Opportunity from

"I'm a lot smarter," Ford said. "When I was younger I didn't work smart. I just worked hard, but not smart. That's synonymous ... That's equivalent to not working at all to me because when you're not working smart, you're putting yourself in a situation for your body to peak out."

When Ford says "working smart," what he means is not over-training himself to the point that by the time he reaches the season, he can't perform at a high level. That is a mistake he said he made during his first two seasons.

"Let's just say you bench 335 one day," Ford explained. "The next day, don't go bench 335. Give your body time to recover. I would get so obsessed with my improvement that I would overdo it. If I keep doing it, you'll get to a point where your body breaks down on you because you're not setting yourself up for [training camp]."

Former High School Linebacker Returns as Special Guest to Chiefs Camp from

You may recall that back in 2014, a senior linebacker at Olathe East High School lined up and made what looked to be a standard tackle against a crosstown team rival.

Just one play later, he collapsed on the field from one of the deadliest of all head injuries—a subdural hematoma.

Two years to the date of the injury last December, James McGinnis finally got the chance to reconnect with his old love at Arrowhead Stadium.


Colquitt Jokes He's Going to Become Fluent in Portuguese For Santos from

Their relationship extends beyond than what happens on the field, and they have become great acquaintances throughout their three-year tenure together on special teams.

"I've had times in my life that I had to battle some things on the field," Santos said. "Dustin being the pro that he is, he's such a veteran that he helped me so much in going out there with confidence and trusting that I deserve to be here."

Experience may be one trait Santos looks to his colleague for, but in true role-reversal fashion, there is something that the noble veteran can learn from his younger counterpart.

"Portuguese," Santos said.

Chiefs training camp report, Aug. 2: Tyreek Hill, other new wideouts, star on second day of pads from The Kansas City Star

▪ The current depth chart at punt returner appears to be Frankie Hammond, Hill and De'Anthony Thomas, in that order. Hill slotted ahead of Thomas is interesting because veterans typically get the edge, especially this early in camp. Hill has the look of a young player who could carve out a role. Speaking of which ...

▪ Thomas, the man trying to stave off Hill, also had a really nice day catching the ball, as he made a beautiful sliding deep grab in coverage in 7-on-7 and also beat rookie corner D.J. White on a circle route in 1-on-1s. Thomas' catch on White was impressive because the 5-foot-8 Thomas had to make an adjustment on the ball in the air.

Chiefs kick return game aims to rebound from Chiefs Digest

The lasting memory of the Kansas City Chiefs' special teams in 2015 is likely the 106-yard opening kickoff return by Knile Davis in the wild card game versus Houston.

But last season marked a steep decline for the team in punt and kick return performance. The team did not return a kick for a score in the regular season, and yards per return fell sharply. Special teams coordinator Dave Toub believes his talented roster of return specialists can reverse that trend.

Chiefs special teams coach Dave Toub calls Tyreek Hill ‘advanced' for a rookie punt returner from The Kansas City Star

Special teams coach Dave Toub figuratively put up a stop sign when asked if there was meaning to the order.

"No, not until we play a game," Toub said. "I think it'll just sort itself out. You never go live at training camp, so you never know what you've got. After the first preseason game, we'll know a lot more."

It's been a busy camp for Marcus Peters, for better and for worse from ESPN

Maybe when the regular season begins, opponents will avoid throwing passes toward Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters. But that's not happening at Chiefs training camp.

Indeed, Peters' own team isn't backing off and he has been plenty busy at camp. Like last season, when he led the NFL lead with eight interceptions and finished as the defensive rookie of the year, Peters is making his share of plays but allowing them, too.

Peters had a pick-six early in training camp and broke up several passes in practice on Tuesday. He was also penalized for pass interference and in a 7-on-7 passing drill with no rush on the quarterback, he gave up a long touchdown pass to rookie Tyreek Hill.

Releasing Jamaal Charles and Eric Berry would buy Chiefs plenty of cap room from ESPN

Those are among the suggestions for the Chiefs in this interesting post on NFL teams facing a future salary cap crunch. The Chiefs have salary cap commitments of about $161 million for next year with the limit expected to be around $165 million.

So the Chiefs will have to do something to create some salary-cap space, particularly if they intend to retain nose tackle Dontari Poe, whose contract is up at the end of this season.

Chiefs running back Knile Davis showing better receiving skills in training camp from The Kansas City Star

In the past, this might have caused a momentary flash of panic that affected his focus just enough to prevent him from making a difficult catch.

But Davis was steady this time. After working on his hands the last few months, he had no doubt he could haul in the pass.

That's exactly what Davis did. He stretched out his fingertips, dived upfield and grabbed Aaron Murray's pass with a defender nearby, much to the delight and surprise of fans observing the Chiefs' fourth full-squad practice Tuesday.

Wednesday camp preview: Promising draft picks star for Chiefs, Saints from ESPN

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are encouraged by the play of rookie defensive lineman Chris Jones early in training camp. Jones, a second-round draft pick and the Chiefs' top choice, has been particularly impressive as a pass-rusher. He swatted down a pass in practice on Tuesday. "He's got great wingspan,'' defensive coordinator Bob Sutton said. "When his hand goes up, you don't have a lot of daylight in there to see." -- Adam Teicher

Chiefs top draft pick Chris Jones making progress on and off field from The Kansas City Star

"It's a lot faster than college but that's OK," Jones said. "I have a lot to work on, a lot of details to clean up, just smaller details like my stepping, my eye and hand placement."

Some other details to iron out come with his rookie status.

Rookie DL Chris Jones already making positive impression at Chiefs camp from ESPN

Jones has already made an assessment of his own about how he will represent himself when the games begin.

"I feel like they made the right draft choice," he said.

Normally, Jones would be well on his way toward winning a starting spot come the start of the regular season. But the Chiefs have an established trio of starting defensive linemen in Howard, Dontari Poe and Allen Bailey, so for now and perhaps during his rookie season, Jones may have to settle for being part of the playing rotation.

Scouting Kansas City: Alex Smith Is a Game Manager, and That's O.K. from MMQB

It's become almost politically incorrect to label Alex Smith a "game manager." People who do so are made to feel close-minded and ignorant. Whatever. Not only is Smith indeed a game manager, but he's the most game manager-ish game manager in the NFL. It's not even close, in fact. People aren't wrong for defending Smith, they're just wrong in the way they do so. Instead of saying Smith is "much more than a game manager," what they need to say is "Smith is a prototypical game manager, and for the Chiefs, that's just fine."

Chiefs other pass rushers to step up from KCCI

"That's a position that's multi-faceted, there's base, a lot of coverage aspects," Sutton said of the outside spot on the weak side where Mulumba is getting most of his practice snaps. "There's a lot of things we do with these guys that we ask players from zone coverage drops, and blitzes, to rushing the passer, to covering backside. Learning that position is really a big challenge.

"I think Andy's done a really good job. He's an all-out player that busts his tail. He snaps off to the ball when it's a throw and a run. You know we've been happy with what he's brought. He's a big strong guy and I just think he's going to keep getting better and better."

Rookies Try To Get Noticed In Camp from Ozarks First

The Kansas City Chiefs continued training camp Tuesday, it's day four of full camp, and day two of full contact.

KOLR 10's Daniel Shedd and Megan Rice are in St. Joseph gathering stories for our KC Blitz shows which will be 30 minute preview shows prior to the Chiefs exhibition football games.

Daniel Shedd reports that camp is where NFL rookies gain experience.


For our first installment, we reached out to Beastmode himself, Marshawn Lynch, to find out whether fitness watches can really coach a gym rat to full-on pro athlete status. Except, Beastmode doesn't work out in the conventional sense. So, Marshawn did us a solid and called up his cousin, Defensive Rookie of the Year and Kansas City Chiefs Cornerback Marcus Peters, to strap on three top-rated fitness watches and give them the workout of a lifetime.

Chiefs Training Camp Reports With Mitch Holthus from WIBW News

The Voice of the Chiefs Mitch Holthus joins WIBW News Day Now every weekday at 7:45 a.m. during training camp. Mitch gives us an inside the ropes insight on the latest news and notes from the Chiefs.

Your team is no good from The Storm Lake Pilot Tribune

The Kansas City Chiefs don't have too much a shot either. The defense has questions after their best pass rusher is still dealing with a torn ACL. Alex Smith isn't anything to write home about as a signal caller either. The good news is you play in an open division, but come playoff time, goodbye.

I think that covers it for the core area teams. So, instead of doing 28 more, we'll pick and choose some of the teams out there. Some of them top tier and others of a lower tier.

Instead head coach Andy Reid: Chiefs send doppelganger to the press conference from RAN [translated from the original German]

"That's my cue to look good. Come Beautiful and now get yourself a hamburger," Andy Reid adopted with a laugh his image and himself stood before the microphones.

The fans and the journalists liked the action in any event. On Twitter became the second Andy Reid quickly become a new attraction of the Kansas City Chiefs, along the lines of: Two Reids are better than one.

Exploration of the legendary Kansas City Style Barbeque from KCBX

Come along and join me for a visit at three iconic joints. We'll drop in for a quick visit with the pit masters at LC's Bar-B-Q, followed by a chat out front at the legendary Gates BBQ.

Afterwards we'll explore the other end of the spectrum at upscale, Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbeque's Freight House location where they do a gang buster business seven days a week.

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