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Chiefs defensive coordinator makes a great point about the depth chart

NFL: Preseason-Kansas City Chiefs at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This is the time of year that we care about the depth chart the most. Who are the Chiefs second and third corners? Who is the third receiver option? Who is behind Travis Kelce?

Chiefs defensive coordinator Bob Sutton made a great point about the depth chart when speaking to the media on Tuesday. At some point, some of these non-starters are going to become starters due to injury or whatever.

“This is true, at least every year I’ve been in the league, players when they sit here they look out and they kind of count and figure out, okay I’m this or I’m this on the depth charts,” Sutton said.

“Before this seasons up, there’s going to be a handful of guys that aren’t starters that are going to be starters. They can’t wait until that week to become a starter. You have to prepare right now like you’re going to start. There’s no hall passes, rookie, new guy in the system, whatever, you’re here. On Sunday’s when you take the field the team that goes out on the field is the team.

“Your expectations are to be a starter. You don’t get to prorate it and say you’re his backup, no you’re a starter. Every guy here is counting on you to be prepared. We count on you so that’s been an advantage from the standpoint of reps. They have to take advantage of that right now.”

I mean, I know this is true but you don’t really think about it during camp. You don’t think that Phillip Gaines is going to tear his ACL which moves Ron Parker to the slot and you don’t think Husain Abdullah is going to miss a month putting Tyvon Branch in a prominent role. Things can and will happen.

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