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Eric Berry meets with media, ‘should be’ ready for Chargers-Chiefs Week 1

Eric Berry said he was ready to come back to the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs safety formally returned on Sunday and signed his franchise tender and then on Monday he met with the media to talk about it.

Berry said that he’s been training this offseason to prepare himself for his return. He said that he trained in a way similar to the Chiefs practices and even trained at the same time as the Chiefs practices. It was clear as day to me that he’ll be ready Week 1.

“Should be,” Berry said when asked if he’s ready for Week 1. “I’m confident in that. The only thing is just getting used to having so many NFL bodies flying around. You try to fill it in with high school players and others but it’s different when you have 11 guys on the field knowing where they need to be. Things tend to happen faster.”

A few other things he talked about:

How he feels being back: “Amazing, It’s good seeing everyone, all the coaches and my teammates. It’s a wonderful feeling to be back in the building.”

How it was being away from the team: “It was tough just because I love my teammates. I wouldn’t trade them for anything. It was definitely hard not to be here.”

What he’s been doing this summer: “Mostly training and just relaxing. I didn’t do too much. Had a few speaking engagements. Other than that, I didn’t do too much.”

His talk with Andy Reid when he returned: It was all about football. Me and Coach Reid we have a different type of relationship outside of the lines as well. That’s something you look for in a coach. We talk about a lot of different things outside of football.

On watching Chiefs preseason games at home: “I had a lot of questions. Some things tend to change in camp when they make different rules and adjustments. Watching on TV and film, I had a few questions for (Chiefs defensive backs coaches) Emmitt (Thomas) and Al (Harris).”

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