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Chiefs vs. Bears: 5 winners, 2 losers

The Kansas City Chiefs ended up with plenty of winners over the Chicago Bears. Here are a few of them:


WR Chris Conley

Small thing but he caught two passes for 30 yards and both of them went for first downs. When you compare that with Albert Wilson’s one catch for four yards - and a drop - it looks pretty good. Conley is your No. 2 on the outside.

DE Chris Jones

The Chiefs rookie sure looked good again. The Chiefs are going to continue to give him a little more and a little more. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was rotating in quite a bit more in Week 16 than he is in Week 2. He is really good on passing downs - quick initial step, pass rush moves to beat an offensive lineman and long arms to bat down passes, which we saw on Saturday. How can they get him more playing time? Chiefs defensive coordinator Bob Sutton has a good problem on his hands.

How can you not love this?

CB Phillip Gaines

He only played 11 snaps (according to the NFL’s snap counts ... MNchiefsfan had it at 10 snaps. It’s too early for me to go back and confirm). He didn’t re-injure himself and he didn’t give up any big passing plays. MNChiefsfan wrote about Gaines here and did it better than I could. Go read that but the point is the absence of any negatives here is good news.

LB Derrick Johnson

The old man has it, huh? He had one play early in the game where he missed a near DJ Special (which is him shooting through the line like a rocket) and then missed the tackle. I tweeted that he would want that one back. Since that play, he was a monster. He came back and successfully executed a DJ Special taking down the ball carrier in the backfield and he had a sack. Read Sam Mellinger’s love letter to DJ here.

The execution here:

WR Tyreek Hill

He was targeted a couple times and had that 58-yard reception. He also had one kick return and two punt returns. So that’s four touches in the game. I could see that happen, perhaps with a larger receiver role as the season goes on. He has homerun ability so he could still make an impact with only a few touches.


WR Albert Wilson

One catch for four yards and a bad drop. Just not much there for Wilson, who vying for snaps behind Jeremy Maclin. He’ll bounce back but he had a shot to show more this game and he didn’t.

QB Jay Cutler

I know this section should be about Chiefs players but...

2-of-7 for 11 yards at halftime? 6-of-15 for 45 yards?

Even for preseason, that sucks.

Give me Alex Smith over Jay Cutler 100 times outta 100.

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