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Chiefs-Bears final score: Alex Smith is a boss and so is the defense in 23-7 KC win

(Update: Andy Reid says the Chiefs just traded for a 49ers cornerback)

That was fun. The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Chicago Bears 23-7 in the third preseason game. The Chiefs offense looked sharp but could’ve put up more touchdowns instead of field goals. The Bears offense made mistakes but credit the Chiefs defense for their best performance to date.

Overall, you leave this game feeling pretty good about the Chiefs, who are hoping to get Eric Berry back on Sunday.

Final stats are here.

Alex Smith is ready for the season

There’s no doubt about it. Alex Smith balled out on a few drives against the Bears. In fact, I wanted to take him out before the first half ended because I’d seen what I needed to see and he took a couple of big hits.

The first hit he took was on this terrific pass. He was outside the pocket on the run when he stopped to hit Travis Kelce for a first down ... and get sandwiched in the process.

Yikes, I know. He took his breath for a second after that play but wasn’t hurt.

On the very next play, a Bears player was flagged for using the crown of his helmet on a hit on Alex. That’s when I was thinking, I’ve seen enough. Alex is ready. However, Andy Reid kept him in for the rest of the half.

His BEST play came on third and 14. He was flushed out of the pocket and ended up running for 15 yards and the first down — diving for the first down, by the way.

Chiefs defense back to normal?

They only played 20 first team snaps together but ...

MINUS SEVEN YARDS PASSING in the first half! Give me Alex Smith over Jay Cutler every day of the week.

The Bears didn’t run a play in Chiefs territory until seconds left in the first half. The Bears biggest offensive play was a 15-yard penalty against the Chiefs.

While the Bears made a couple of Cutler-esque mistakes that stalled them, the Chiefs defense was much better today. Derrick Johnson had a strong game. It looked more like the defense we were used to.

Stand up, Chris Jooooones!

He had a few other solid plays where he was in the backfield, including one where he took the ball carrier down after the first step. He also had a few plays like this where he affected the throw:

Andy Reid liked how long he is and this shows why. He’s such a great athlete. I keep confusing him with Jaye Howard. I’m really liking the growth of Chris Jones and what he can do this year.

He can get around linemen and seems to have a ton of energy. It just looks like he’s having a lot of fun and he’s often better than the guy trying to block him.

Things that make you go hmm about Knile Davis

Tyreek Hill took the first kick return over Knile, who was said to be the top kick returner on the team.

Then Darrin Reaves saw a first team snap at running back before Knile did.

Sooo, about Knile ... is this the writing on the wall? The Chiefs cut downs are on Tuesday and Knile’s a name we’ve been wondering about. In most other years, this wouldn’t be much of a question. Knile would make it. However, the Chiefs are deep at running back this year. They may have to end up cutting a good player like him.

I don’t think it’s a foregone conclusion that he’s gone but I’m certainly wondering.

Other observations

I’m not sure whose fault it is but the Chiefs first drive was ruined by Spencer Ware tripping on third and two. Demetrius Harris ran past Ware to block on the right side of the line while Ware went up the middle and as he went he clipped the legs of Harris. Ware fell short of the first down. That’s a killer mistake. The Chiefs are a veteran team where even in preseason those sorts of things shouldn’t happen.

On the plus side, Harris had a third down pickup and another first down catch down the seam.

Phillip Gaines started the game. No big plays.

Justin March starts over Ramik Wilson with Josh Mauga still out. If there has to be a cut here, remember this one.

Chiefs GM John Dorsey spent a few minutes in the booth and he talked about RB Darrin Reaves and his sneaky strength. Remember that on cut down weekend.

Tyreek Hill dropped a short pass he should’ve caught.

Goal line runs:

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