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Chiefs’ Clark Hunt looks to be a player among NFL owners

Earlier this year the KC Star’s Sam Mellinger wrote a feature on Chiefs owner Clark Hunt that talked about the respect other owners and those around the league had for him. We’re not really privy to the inner workings of NFL owners so it was neat to see the curtain peeled back to show that Clark does have some influence.

Here’s another sign of Clark’s influence around the league: he was named to the NFL’s new Chairmen’s Committee, a small group of owners who are among NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s closest advisers.

Along with Clark the committee is made up of the Patriots’ Robert Kraft, the Giants’ John Mara, the Texans’ Robert McNair and the Steelers’ Art Rooney II.

Kraft. Mara. Rooney. McNair. Hunt. Not bad company, huh?

The Washington Post’s Mark Maske writes, “The group is believed to assist Goodell in identifying the NFL’s top priorities and helping to ensure key issues are coordinated among the committees and properly considered by the owners.

The committee is a collection of those who chair the finance, international, media, stadium and Management Council Executive committees. Clark chairs the international committee, which is one of the league’s biggest long-term priorities.

I’m not sure what this influence buys Clark but I know what it doesn’t buy: a third round pick. Thanks, Goodell.

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