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The Rams were angry with Chiefs OT Jah Reid and called him an a-hole

Hard Knocks featured the Kansas City Chiefs and St. Louis Rams game this week. As usual, there’s a lot more going on on the field than we realize.

While the Chiefs telecast was interviewing Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet, the Rams were busy cussing out Chiefs offensive tackle Jah Reid.

So, what happened?

Reid was flagged for a chop block that injured Rams defensive lineman Ethan Westbrooks. The Rams were very, very angry about this and they let Jah Reid know it.

While Westbrooks was on the ground, Rams d-line coach Mike Waufle was caught saying:

“You suck 75 ... What the fuck is that 75? ... Fuckin’ asshole ... You shouldn’t even be in the league!”

Rams coach Jeff Fisher was mic’d up and said:

“Illegal chop, that’s bullshit. That’s fucking bullshit.”

Luckily for everyone involved, Westbrooks wasn’t seriously hurt. If that had happened to my team, I would be very angry, so I think the Rams have a point ...

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