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Andy Reid joins Colin Cowherd to talk Chiefs, Cowboys QBs and more

Andy Reid joined Colin Cowherd’s radio show to talk about the Kansas City Chiefs, the 2016 season and a bunch of other stuff. Watch video of his appearance here:

I took a few notes if you can’t watch the video yet:

Reid talks about why he continues to tackle to the ground during training camp even though most teams don’t do that anymore. “I still believe the game is blocking and tackling,” Reid said.

The state of the offensive line: “The toughest thing to do is to get them into a stance and get out of a stance” because they’re not always doing that in college. He thinks coming out of school they’re better pass blockers now than they were a few years ago.

He says if there were no pressure he would give a rookie quarterback a year to sit. He talked about doing that with Donovan McNabb, who actually played near the end of that first season.

He said young quarterbacks have trouble with the blitz coming into the game.

“Good corners are hard to find. Good corners at any level.”

On what makes him happy that the average person may not see: “It’s the adjustments the players make. They have the keys to the car. Once they’re on the field you’re a spectator. There are moments there when they have to make an adjustment. You spend all week giving them indicators in which to do that with. Many times they’ll miss them. It’s part of the game. It’s happening fast. You get to that group, that team that can communicate and get everyone dancing the same dance. That’s a beautiful thing.”

On Alex Smith’s freedom at the line: “Really every play he has an option to go to something else and he’s tremendous at it.”

Reid said he likes what Dak Prescott is doing this preseason.

Reid said Tony Romo doesn’t get enough credit for how good he is.

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