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Back from injury, Tyler Bray remains ahead of Aaron Murray

The Kansas City Chiefs have a quarterback competition going on but it doesn’t appear to be much drama to it. Tyler Bray returned to practice after a week off due to an injury. Where did he return to? The No. 3 quarterback spot ahead of Aaron Murray.

There really isn’t much debate to the Chiefs quarterback depth chart, which is identical to the order in which they’re actually getting reps: 1) Alex Smith 2) Nick Foles 3) Tyler Bray 4) Aaron Murray 5) Kevin Hogan.

That doesn’t mean that the Chiefs are going to keep the top three quarterbacks and cut the final two loose. There are other circumstances involved, such as Bray’s injury history or the fact that Hogan is just a rookie. I doubt the Chiefs drafted Hogan in April without a plan to keep him beyond August.

One thing Reid did not mention is how the quarterback playing time will go this weekend. I wouldn’t mind seeing Foles get most of the second half. If Bray, Murray or Hogan actually play for the Chiefs this year, something has gone horribly wrong.

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