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Chiefs credit Chris Conley’s development to ‘quality time’ with Jeremy Maclin

The Kansas City Chiefs coaches have been working the players hard in training camp so it’s no surprise to see a young guy like Chris Conley take some steps forward from last year. This was noticed on Saturday night with Conley’s team-leading 66 yards receiving, including an audible that resulted in a 37-yard completion from Alex Smith.

One of the reasons for his development, the Chiefs say, is the “quality time” he spent with Jeremy Maclin this offseason. BJ Kissel wrote the story this offseason of Conley and Albert Wilson staying in Kansas City to work with Maclin. Conley was in Georgia when he received a call from Maclin. “Then [Maclin] gave me a flight number and a time and told me to get on this flight,” Conley told this offseason. “‘You're coming back to KC.’”

Chiefs WR coach David Culley has noticed.

“Jeremy being the veteran that he is and being the kind of player that he’s been over the years,” Culley said before the Rams preseason game, “I think you can see that Chris has picked up some things from him and has accelerated his process and getting better – same thing for Albert Wilson also.”

Remember it wasn’t until basically this week in his rookie season training camp that he started practicing due to an injury. He’s been more aggressive and assertive in catching the ball. He’s taking tips from the perfect person because Maclin has an absurdly low drop rate. Stats like this one below are the reason their time together was valuable.

We’ve mentioned Maclin working with these guys a number of times. While I’m sure it does help, credit also goes to Conley for realizing the opportunity and working to take advantage. He has another two preseason games to show he deserves that No. 2 receiver spot.

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