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Chiefs are ‘force feeding’ Nick Foles so far in preseason

Nick Foles continues to play catchup with the Kansas City Chiefs. He was familiar with Andy Reid and his offense but the fact is he hadn’t been in that offense for three years so we knew there would be a transition.

It’s probably no coincidence that Foles had 38 snaps last Saturday, more than any other Chiefs quarterback. That included 22 passing attempts, 18 of which were completed.

“I’m kind of force feeding him right now because it’s a time part of it,” Chiefs coach Andy Reid told reporters in a Sunday conference call. “He’s handled it better than I anticipated it with this short of time. We’ve changed some things from what we did at Philadelphia – and that was three years ago. His rookie year was my last year there. He was just learning it then as a rookie too. He’s doing a pretty good job with it. So the answer is yes, he is where I need him to be at this time.”

There was a time there Foles was splitting second team snaps with Tyler Bray. After Bray went down with his injury, Foles stepped in as the clear No. 2 and hasn’t relinquished that role.

I will say that after watching Foles’ performance on Saturday I’m glad the Chiefs picked him up. He wasn’t a Pro Bowler on Saturday but he doesn’t have to be. He has to do things like complete 18-of-22 passes for 133 yards and no turnovers. I’m not sure the other backups can do that.

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