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Chiefs update: Chris Jones still harassing offensive linemen

The last we left off we were talking about Kansas City Chiefs rookie Chris Jones potentially being the pass rusher this talented defensive line is missing. After another preseason game, our point remains. Chris Jones has serious pass rush skills. I am lovign what I’m seeing so far.

Check out this SPIN MOVE from the Chiefs rookie. The video isn’t great but you can see him spin and then hit the quarterback right after he releases the ball. If this route is disrupted by even a second this is a sack.

So that shows his athleticism. There’s another play that shows off his brute strength. Watch the way he moves this offensive lineman back in the pocket and causes the No. 1 pick, Jared Goff, to spill out the pocket.

These are still mostly first teamers out there for the Rams so this is really encouraging. The Chiefs defensive line is very good but they don’t have a pass rusher as strong as Jones. This is great timing too because Justin Houston and Tamba Hali both remain out.

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