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Alex Smith drops a beauty to Chris Conley, fires a dart to Jeremy Maclin

Alex Smith isn’t known for a big arm but it was on display Saturday night in Los Angeles. Alex led the Chiefs on their second touchdown drive of the night and did it with two impressive passes.

The first one was a beauty of a pass to Chris Conley for 37 yards. This came on third and two. Here’s what I love about this play: Conley wasn’t wide open when the ball was thrown.

If you can notice in the corner of your screen it looks like Conley had maybe a step on the defender. Alex threw the ball anyway and he actually threw him open a little bit. IF Alex can add this to his repertoire on a regular basis, it’s going to be a really good year for him.

The other thing I like about this: Alex audibled out of it and Conley recognized that. This according to what Andy Reid told BJ Kissel at halftime.

The other pass wasn’t as difficult because Jeremy Maclin appeared to be pretty open. I don’t have the all-22 view up but he looks pretty open as Alex throws it at the right time:

That’s 57 yards on two passes. Make this a regular thing and the Chiefs offense is going to be pretty good.

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