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Chiefs say Knile Davis remains their top kick returner

It’s hard to believe that a guy who returned the opening kickoff in a playoff game back to the house might not be back in the same spot but that’s the case with Knile Davis. Offseason reports suggested the Chiefs could potentially trade him but obviously they did not.

So where does Knile stand now? I asked Chiefs special teams coach this afternoon.

"Knile’s still our No. 1 kick returner," Toub said. "He takes the first one back in the playoff game. He’s an excellent player. He came back in the best shape of his life. The conditioning test, I think he was first of all those guys. He’s lean, he’s ready to go, he’s focused and he’s ready to compete."

This all sounds great. Knile is going to have success somewhere. It may be someplace else but it sure seems like he has matured quite a bit since he came into the league. Plenty of other players would not be happy going from a third round pick to a special teams player but I haven’t heard any bitching and moaning out of him. I can respect that approach.

"He’s not only a kick returner," Toub continued. "We’re working him in as a cover guy as well. He’s doing a lot as a mike on punt return. He’s taking it serious. He knows it’s important. His focus is there."

The Chiefs can carry him on the roster just like they did last year but I can see how it would be hard to make the numbers work, especially because, as Toub said, they have a "stable" of kick and punt returners right now. De’Anthony Thomas and Tyreek Hill are both good back there and so is Demarcus Robinson. Knile is a good one but if that’s all he does it’s hard to find a roster spot for him.

Watch Toub's comments here:

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