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Chiefs training camp video: Tyreek Hill's ridiculous cut, Jeremy Maclin vs. Marcus Peters

Besides the full 11-on-11 drills, the best part of Kansas City Chiefs training camp is when the receivers go one on one against the cornerbacks. The attention is all on them and it gets pretty competitive.

Luckily I recorded some of those drills and got some good stuff. You can check out the whole video above but I also included a few highlights you should check out. The two big ones are Jeremy Maclin vs. Marcus Peters as well as Tyreek Hill’s ridiculous cut. He creates so much space.

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(Note: The time on these is how much time is left on the video because that’s how Facebook displays it)

15:32: WRs vs. CBs begins.

14:28: Jeremy Maclin vs. Marcus Peters

12:50: DAT makes a nice catch that included some contact.

12:00 Ridiculous cut from Tyreek Hill.

9:40: Nice step back and (almost) catch from Moore.

7:15: Peters on Maclin again.

3:55: Excellent job coming back to the ball to make the catch.

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