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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 8/2

August 2nd, 2009. I was cranky. The previous two days, after reading articles about the Kansas City Chiefs and setting them up as Fanshots, I had been auto-banned. The site thought I was spamming. Really, I was just trying to make it easier for others to find out what was happening with/ being said about our team. I was cranky and didn't wan't to have to reach out to Joel again to get re-instated, so I did a Fanpost with all of the links: Chiefs News from the Overnight (What a crappy name in retrospect). That post evolved into Arrowheadlines. I hope today, as I hoped seven years ago, you enjoy your Kansas City Chiefs news!

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Five Observations from Monday's Practice and Also Key Bonus Observations from

The drill starts with five members of the offensive line set up on the line of scrimmage. One at a time, each offensive line member is tested by one member of the defensive line. The defensive lineman's objective is to get to a target on the ground, which serves as the drill's quarterback. The offensive lineman's job is to prevent that from happening.

Monday was important because it was the first opportunity to see this year's top draft pick, defensive lineman Chris Jones, in action in a genuine football situation.

During the drill, Jones was impressive, showing off an ability to use power and quickness in getting around protecting O-linemen.

What We Learned From Monday's Media Availability from

Q: Has Knile Davis improved in his receiving game?

REID: "When he first came here, that wasn't the strength of his game and he works like crazy. No one works harder than Knile [Davis]. He had a couple of real nice catches out here today."

Q: What qualities are you looking for in a running back?

REID: "What we try to do is look at their strengths and how they fit into our offense and then, utilize it from there -€” utilize their talents from there. Then, we're going to ask them to try and get better at things. Knile, would be that example. Knile [Davis] came in, and we were able to get some great games out of him from more of an I position, downhill runner. He did a beautiful job, and he has continued to work on his pass game. He's gotten better at it. So, now, we're putting him in in those situations -€” he does a good job with it. That's how we look at all of them. They're all different. They all got their strengths and weaknesses. We'll take care of their strengths and let them show them off, and let's get better on the weaknesses."

Coach Andy Reid Meets Faux Coach Reid at Chiefs Training Camp from

Many might assume that Wilhelm, an engineer from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, may just like the Chiefs because of his resemblance to Reid, but that is not the case.

As it turns out, he has been a Chiefs fan for 30 years.

"My parents tried to get me into football and I enjoyed it," Wilhelm said. "I figured I better learn something about it, so I turned on the TV and it was the Chiefs, and it's been the Chiefs ever since."

It was in his hometown of Lancaster, just 45 minutes west of Philadelphia, where he first realized his striking resemblance to the head coach's staple look.

Teammates Raving About Chris Jones' Upside After First Day in Pads from

"I was excited," Jones explained after practice on Monday. "I had butterflies and I haven't had butterflies in a long time. It was a great experience—my first time being in pads in the NFL."

Jones, who played collegiately at Mississippi State, was the team's first pick in the NFL Draft last spring, which came in the second round at No. 37 overall.

The 6-foot-6, 310-pound athlete was considered the "steal of the draft" by some experts, and he did nothing on Monday to dissuade the opinions that he has tremendous potential.

Alex Smith Impressed By How Far Morse Has Come in So Little Time from

"I can't say enough at how far a second-year guy like Mitch Morse has come," Smith told the media Saturday. "I don't even consider him a second-year guy with how talented he is and how far he's come. His attention to detail and how he carries himself, the guy is a real pro and that helps."

In Andy Reid's West Coast system, the center can be called upon to do many different things, from simple pocket protections to getting out in space on screens and rushing plays. That's why with the Chiefs, the center position could even be regarded with a higher importance than elsewhere.

"We put a lot on the center in this offense," Smith added. "For [Morse] to come in and handle it like he has, has made my job a lot easier."

At his press conference Monday morning, Morse actually seemed awestruck that Smith had shared such kind words.

"Tailgate Tuesdays" Began At Chiefs Camp Tuesday from

So this is a pretty good deal for Chiefs fans.

If you are one of the first 1,000 fans on the campus of Missouri Western State University on Tuesdays during training camp, you'll receive an item to help you along with your tailgate this upcoming season.

The giveaways begin this Tuesday, August 2.

Here is the schedule of the giveaway items:

Chiefs training camp report, Aug. 1: Big plays rule first day of pads from The Kansas City Star

Chiefs coach Andy Reid said this was his team's best first day in pads in his four years in Kansas City, and that certainly seemed to be the case. The offense was generally sharper and the practice was very competitive.

Tight end Demetrius Harris seems much more in his element on the field than he did two years ago. He caught several passes Monday and could be a nice target with his athleticism and huge catch radius, but he needs to eliminate the focus drops. He had a bad one near the sideline Monday.

Camp notes day 3: Chiefs offensive line blending together from Chiefs Digest

Reid said practice in pads is valuable not only to young players but particularly the offensive line that includes two new starters.

"That five there is a new group," Reid said. "It's important that they come together. Zach (Fulton) is a rotational guy in that group too, we consider him one of the five. It's important that they are all dancing the same dance."

Center Mitch Morse said he believes the offensive line is meshing together well.

Chiefs put on the pads and get to play real football from ESPN

Linemen on both sides of the ball can't show much in practice without pads, as they were conducted throughout the offseason and again on the first two days of camp. They can display their skills once the pads come on and rookie defensive lineman Chris Jones, for one, took advantage. Jones, a second-round choice and the Chiefs' top pick, fared well during a pass-rush drill.

"He's definitely going to help us,'' defensive lineman Jaye Howard said. "He's going to be able to get to the quarterback.''

The Chiefs have high hopes this year for their offensive line, which features new starters in veteran Mitch Schwartz at right tackle and rookie Parker Ehinger at left guard. While the group has been working together since early in offseason practice, the pace was accelerated once the pads went on.

Chiefs linebacker Justin March has a nose for the ball from The Kansas City Star

Justin March had been waiting for Monday's practice for a while.

It marked the first time in nearly 12 months that March, a second-year inside linebacker from Akron, was allowed to don some pads and assert some degree of physicality.

And true to form, March — who impressed the Chiefs and onlookers before he went on injured reserve last August because of a torn meniscus in his right knee — stepped back on the field and showed a knack for the ball. He scooped up a fumble by receiver Demarcus Robinson during an 11-on-11 session and ran for a would-be touchdown.

With Jamaal Charles still out, Chiefs learning more about their other backs from ESPN

Running back Knile Davis on Monday had perhaps his best practice session since joining the Kansas City Chiefs in 2013. Davis caught a number of passes, including one when he came out of the backfield and got down the right sideline to haul in a deep throw from Tyler Bray.

Davis received those opportunities because the Chiefs' regular featured back,Jamaal Charles, continues to rehab his surgically repaired knee and has yet to practice at training camp.

Fake Andy Reid meets the real thing at Chiefs camp from The Kansas City Star

"Well, glad to see everybody here today," Wilhelm said. "Really no injuries to report. Team's looking pretty great out there. So with that being said, time's yours."

After a few questions, the real Andy Reid — who was standing a few feet away — piped up and stepped in.

"That's my cue, good looking," Reid yelled before commandeering his news conference. "Come on beautiful, go get you a hamburger."

Training camp predictions for all 32 NFL teams from ESPN

Safety Eric Berry won't sign until the preseason is underway.

The Chiefs and their franchise player failed to agree on the terms of a multi-year contract by the July 15 deadline, which made Berry's only option to play the season to sign the team's obligatory, one-year offer worth about $10.8 million. Berry, who overcame cancer to have one of his best seasons in 2015, has too many good reasons to play this year, so it's likely he will eventually sign the contract. However, unhappiness about not reaching a long-term deal will delay his signing until after the Aug. 13 preseason opener. -- Adam Teicher

At 6 feet 9, Chiefs tackle Zach Sterup looks to make a slam-dunk impression from The Kansas City Star

Not all former basketball players who turn to football are soft-handed tight ends.

The round ball was the first sports devotion for Chiefs offensive lineman Zach Sterup, who was part of three Nebraska high school state championship basketball teams.

Little wonder, given his height.

"I never really had a growth spurt," Sterup said. "I've usually been the tallest person. I was 6-4 in the eighth grade."

Kansas City Chiefs to rely on ex-UW Husky Marcus Peters as their No. 1 cornerback from The Seattle Times

Peters, a former Washington Husky, had a breakout rookie season with eight interceptions, including two returned for touchdowns, and accolades included a trip to the Pro Bowl and being honored as AP Defensive Rookie of the Year.

Teammates and coaches seem to believe Peters is just getting started.

Fake Andy Reid holds press conference for Kansas City Chiefs from UPI

"This is the greatest day ever, man," Wilhelm told the Kansas City Star. "I've been trying to meet Andy for three years and I just did an NFL press conference, man. Life doesn't get much better."


That said, the Andy Reid impersonator that popped up at Kansas City Chiefs' training camp this week has nothing on the old Andy Reid impersonator from Philadelphia.

You can read about the new guy right here and watch him when he took over the podium for Big Red right here. Needs a better throat clear.

Bud Light creates can for Kansas City Chiefs fans from KSHB

Not a Chiefs fan? No problem! All 27 NFL teams will have an custom can.

Jack Del Rio already fuming about game at Kansas City in Dec. from CBS Sports

The Oakland Raiders are in training camp and feverishly preparing for the start of the regular season, but head coach Jack Del Rio can't help but look ahead to Week 14 and get a bit steamed.

The Raiders are slated to visit the Kansas City Chiefs on a Thursday night that week, four days after they host the Buffalo Bills on Dec. 4. After Sunday's training camp practice, Del Rio was fuming about the lack of rest his players will get that week.

Training camp winners and losers: RGIII in driver's seat from

One of the least-known No. 1 overall picks in NFL history, Fisher struggled in his first two seasons at tackle for Kansas City. That's why it was a surprise to seethe Chiefs hand Fisher a deal that made him among the highest-paid players at his position after a solid, if unspectacular, third season.

Fisher was the first player drafted under general manager John Dorsey and we wonder if this contract was partly a case of confirmation bias. By giving Fisher the deal, Dorsey has essentially validated his pick.

The NFL is in the era of the slot receiver from SB Nation

Other downfield threats lined up in the slot consistently last year as well. The New York Giants' Odell Beckham Jr., known for his acrobatic catches, recorded 32 receptions in the slot for 467 yards and two touchdowns. Jeremy Maclin of the Kansas City Chiefs, a team that's known to employ a conservative passing attack, caught six of his eight touchdowns while he was inside the numbers.

Legendary 'Wondrous' Warren McVea still going strong at 70 from KENS

Now retired, McVea was inducted into the San Antonio Sports Hall of Fame in 2003. He is also a member of the San Antonio Independent School District Hall of Fame and UH Hall of Honor. McVea played pro football after completing his career at UH in 1967 and won a Super Bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs.

With Texas high school football teams starting preseason workouts Monday, McVea recalled what it was like to play the game when he starred at Brack.

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