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Can Marcus Cooper stick on the Chiefs 53-man roster?

Marcus Cooper, remember him? He’s making plays at Kansas City Chiefs training camp. How about this one:

And this one:

Cooper has gone back and forth between safety and corner this offseason. Sometimes when someone like that switches positions, I think it’s the beginning of the end of their time on the roster. But with Cooper it may not be because the Chiefs obviously find something in him they like considering he’s stuck on the roster this long after plenty of ups and downs.

The locks at cornerback include Marcus Peters, Phillip Gaines, Steven Nelson, KeiVarae Russell and ... that’s about it? The Chiefs will keep five corners probably. Rookie fourth round pick Eric Murray is playing safety and sixth round pick DJ White can’t be considered a lock (maybe a likely). There’s a spot there for Marcus Cooper if he can beat out the rookies or any other younger player that might flash during training camp.

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