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As Chiefs leave training camp in St. Joe, will we see Eric Berry soon?

The Kansas City Chiefs are wrapping up their training camp on the campus of Missouri Western. The Chiefs’ St. Joe portion of camp is now over and they’ll head back home where they’ll continue camp at the comfortable confines of their own training facility.

Now that the Chiefs are headed back home, are we any closer to seeing franchise-tagged Eric Berry?

The most recent news came from GM John Dorsey earlier this week who indicated that they expect Berry to show up sometime before Week 1. Andy Reid said he didn’t know when he would show up.

It was my prediction after they didn’t reach a deal in July that that Berry would return to the Chiefs sometime after today’s date. If you don’t have to travel an hour north and stay in a college dorm room for three weeks you probably wouldn’t, so it always made sense he would skip this portion of camp.

Another potential return date could be Thursday, September 1, the date of the Chiefs final preseason game. If Berry returned after that, he would have about 10 days to get ready for the season. Presumably he has to be back at least a few days (or more?) so that he can be ready to play Week 1 on September 11.

We’ll be waiting to hear when (if?) he returns.

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