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What kind of coach is Chiefs’ Eric Bieniemy?

Kansas City Chiefs RB coach Eric Bieniemy’s name was mentioned during the last hiring cycle as someone who could be on the radar for head coach hirings in the near future. Apparently he’s well-respected in the coaching community, and the job he did with Spencer Ware and Charcandrick West last year certainly doesn’t hurt anything.

So what kind of coach is Bieniemy? If / when someone hires him, what are they getting? He was asked this week about his coaching style.

“I have a tendency to be a little loud,” Bieniemy says via quotes from the Chiefs, “but it’s just because I enjoy to have fun. I coach like I played the game – I played with a lot of energy, a lot of enthusiasm. That’s one thing with this sport – whether you’re playing or coaching – everybody is different and you’ve got to bring something to the table.”

If you’ve been to Chiefs camp, you know that first part - a “little loud” - is absolutely right. He’s highly energetic, which is even more noticeable at 8:15 a.m. It’s a long season so that enthusiasm can help.

“One thing I pride myself on is making sure my guys understand the importance of being energized and understanding the enthusiasm that’s going to help get you through this. We have to enjoy what we’re doing,” Bieniemy said.

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