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Chiefs Podcast - Seth Keysor talks Alex Smith on Amateur Hour

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Episode 3 of 2016.

After a quick recap of our thoughts on preseason game #1, we welcome in Arrowhead Pride Legend Seth Keysor (MNChiefsFan) to discuss his recent piece on Alex Smith.

It's an official deep dive on That's My Quarterback with Seth's recent column reviewing every Alex Smith pass from 2015. What were the biggest differences Seth saw between Alex Smith in 2014 and 2015? What was the biggest change in Alex from the team's treacherous 1-5 start to their 11 game winning streak?

What are Alex's biggest strengths and weaknesses? What must happen for him to take the next step as a QB and is it realistic for him to get there at this point in his career?

How did Alex Smith grade out in the biggest game of the season? How mad was Seth when he watched the wrong games for Derek Carr? Plus some OL talk and a preview of what's next from the AP Film Dork. This is a must listen.

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