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Return of Nick Foles gets a mention on Hard Knocks

Next week’s edition of Hard Knocks will feature the Kansas City Chiefs.

HBO aired episode two of Hard Knocks on Tuesday night and at the end they previewed next week’s episode, which mentioned the return of Nick Foles to the Rams. The Chiefs will visit the Rams in Los Angeles on Saturday night for the second game of the preseason. Foles, as you might remember, was cut by the Rams about a week before he signed with the Chiefs. He spent the 2015 season in St. Louis (and part of the 2016 offseason in LA).

The return of Nick Foles as a story line shows how little drama there seems to be on Hard Knocks this year. Is anyone thinking, I can’t wait for the Rams to get revenge on ... Nick Foles? He was there for 18 months.

It should still be cool to see next week’s episode because the Chiefs will presumably be featured in Saturday night’s game. Here’s to Big Red coming up with one of his patented cheeseburger jokes.

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