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Chiefs now have over $3 million in salary cap space (somehow)

The NFLPA issues a daily report on the salary cap and earlier this week that report showed the Kansas City Chiefs were more than $900k in the hole in the salary cap.

That’s ... not good.

We checked the NFLPA report again today and suddenly the Chiefs have more than $3 million in salary cap space. To be exact, $3,067,210 in space.

To answer your question, I don’t know what happened. The cap has always been confusing with so many ways to manipulate it. The Chiefs signed Nick Foles and cut Alameda Ta’amu over a week ago. They also cut Vernon Harris and Shannon Edwards and signed Malcolm Jackson and Jeron Johnson.

How they do all that and gain cap space? I have no idea. Perhaps they made other moves we don’t know about to comply with the cap. Whatever, I’m not complaining. $3 million is better than $900k in the hole.

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