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Tyler Bray’s injury happened on the Seahawks roughing the passer call

There’s a reason there are NFL rules in place to protect the quarterback. It’s because it can be a very dangerous position to play. While we complain often about these penalties on quarterbacks, sometimes we’re reminded of why they’re in place.

The Chiefs announced Tyler Bray had a chip fracture on his cervical spine. They think he’ll be OK but he’s out for now.

My best guess as to when this injury came is on the second to last play of the half when Seahawks DE Frank Clark committed a roughing the passer penalty with his hit on Bray, who was driven into the turf. (Update: Actually the Chiefs trainer confirmed this is the hit.)

This is the shot as Bray released the ball from his hands.

Clark can’t help but make contact with Bray given his momentum. That’s fine.

However, notice though that he wraps up and drives him into the ground.

This is a 260-pound man driving Bray into the ground.

I believe the penalty was called because of the driving to the ground, not the initial contact.

Bray stayed in for one more play - that pass to De’Anthony Thomas - before it hit halftime.

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