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Seahawks-Chiefs preseason: Andy Reid will keep it simple

The Kansas City Chiefs are preparing to play the Seattle Seahawks on Saturday afternoon at Arrowhead Stadium. The Chiefs went through OTAs this summer and have been in camp since the end of July but Andy Reid’s playbook is huge. It has over 400 passing plays. So the Chiefs are going to be keeping it as simple as possible for the players in Saturday’s game against Seattle.

“We don’t really ‘game plan’ for our first preseason opponent,” Chiefs coach Andy Reid said. “We try to go back and look at plays that aren’t necessarily complex plays. That way we can give the younger guys a chance to go out and play at a high level without having to overthink things while they’re on the field. That gives us a better evaluation of them as players.”

The Chiefs coaches talk a lot about knowing the playbook so that you can play fast. Andy Reid’s playbook is huge, which is great when you know all the plays because of the versatility it provides. It’s also difficult for those younger players coming in for the first time. There’s also the reality that someone like Nick Foles, who has been here for a week, only has half the playbook down. Don’t expect to see Big Red at his scheming best ... he’ll keep it simple.

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