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Let’s play some fantasy football with Arrowhead Pride readers

We’re with Yahoo! Fantasy Football again this year.

I have created an Arrowhead Pride league that you can access right here. The draft is in about two weeks (August 24 at 7pm). Come join it!

That league will likely fill up quickly so if folks in the comments can create their own leagues so that we can determine the fantasy king or queen of Arrowhead Pride.

This is the one league I won’t have an advantage with Chiefs players because you Chiefs fans here are pretty smart. Plenty of people look at Jamaal Charles and see the ACL and his age and think he’s going to start declining. That is actually a bad take. Jamaal will not decline this year. He had one or two elite seasons left in him. Draft him early if I don’t before you.

So sign up for some Yahoo! Fantasy. You can create a new league here if the one above is full.

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