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Jeremy Maclin briefly goes down at Chiefs camp, scares the hell out of us

You want to be scared? Imagine the Kansas City Chiefs without Jeremy Maclin. That’s what it was like for a few minutes this afternoon when reporters at Chiefs training camp said that Maclin went down at Chiefs camp.

Thankfully, it lasted only a few minutes and he re-entered team drills.

Let’s revisit what we saw:

My initial reaction to this news:

Maclin then was off to the side by himself after trainers looked at him.

Clearly everyone sees this and thinks ACL. The trainers are able to test his ACL right there on the field. They did that with Maclin in the playoff game earlier this year and thought he had torn his ACL ... only to find out later he didn’t.

Luckily for the Chiefs, we saw these tweets a few minutes later:

Maclin is one of the most important players on the Chiefs. That sigh of relief you hear is coming from everyone in Kansas City.

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