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Kansas City Chiefs think Justin March is “going to be a real plus for us”

For the second year in a row, Kansas City Chiefs LB Justin March is having a strong training camp. Maybe this year we’ll get to see him in the regular season.

March looked good last year as a rookie before it all came crashing down with the news that he needed microfracture surgery, which caused him to miss the season.

March is back at inside linebacker, which is something the Chiefs are happy about.

“Justin is a very instinctive player,” Chiefs DC Bob Sutton said. “He keeps himself in good position from the standpoint that he stays square and he's got a feel for the ball.

“Again, his situation was more complicated with coming off the injury and the lack of repetition. He's understanding the system, he's playing all the different inside positions, which gets challenging. He's got some of that natural feel for the ball and that's a great trait to have, particularly as an inside player. You can't tell where the ball is going all the time -- whether it’s staying inside or bouncing back out.

“He’s always had that sense of nature since he’s been here. He's got great energy, he plays really hard and he gets his hands on a lot of footballs. If he just keeps coming, he's going to be a real plus for us.”

That sense of nature. Football is funny, isn’t it? What’s not funny is the sound you hear when March hits the hole. He’s not the biggest dude or the fastest but he can deliver a pop at the line of scrimmage. He’s one of the reasons the Chiefs should feel pretty good about the future of their inside linebackers.

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