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Where is the leadership coming from in Chiefs safety room?

We were talking with Kansas City Chiefs safety Daniel Sorensen on Tuesday and it really hit me how much leadership the safety room has lost.

“Husain Abdullah was a guy that I looked to,” Sorensen said, “especially when playing in the dime position. I still go back and look at some of the things that he was able to do. Eric Berry, Tyvon Branch, all those guys have been good to watch in the pattern and see what they do.”

Eric Berry isn’t at camp, Husain Abdullah has retired and Tyvon Branch left for Arizona. Add in Sean Smith and that is a LOT of veteran leadership missing from the defensive backs.

So, who is filling that leadership void now that they’re not here.

“Ron Parker is a guy that’s been here for a number of years,” Sorensen said. “He’s really stepped into a leadership role as opposed to years past. Marcus [Peters] has been able to kind of be the leader for the corners in that room with the experience he was able to have last year and coming back. There’s a lot of youth in that room, so we look up to those two guys who do have the most experience.”

Despite some youthful spots, the Chiefs are still a veteran team. Berry’s presence will make up for a lot. Derrick Johnson remains a leader. Ron Parker has earned the big contract. Marcus Peters is already a vet, it seems. That said, some of the youth at key spots like corner make you nervous. Sean Smith made up for a lot last year.

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