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Eric Fisher’s weight factors into his performance for the Chiefs

Many of Eric Fisher’s problems in his first two years in the league came as a result of not being strong enough. It felt like each of the past three three years one of his goals heading into the season was to gain weight and strength.

Things seemed to level off in 2015 when he stayed healthy and played well. Fisher, who is 315 pounds, says it’s getting easier and easier for him to gain weight.

“I think over the years it’s been really hard for me to gain weight,” Fisher said. “Now that I’m getting older in my career it’s a little easier to hold the weight over the season. It’s a long season so the first couple years I was dropping too much weight. So I feel comfortable where I’m at, and I think I’ll be here throughout the season, if not gain a couple pounds over the years.”

Fisher wants to GAIN weight not, lose it. The opposite of most people I know (including myself, even though I am a slim and handsome blogger).

That it’s getting easier for him to put on and maintain weight is a good sign for his NFL future. He was around 300 pounds when he came into the league so he’s slowly gotten better and slowly put on more weight too.

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